Installation from Source

$ git clone
$ cd tomopy-cli
$ python install

in a prepared virtualenv or as root for system-wide installation.


If your python installation is in a location different from #!/usr/bin/env python please edit the first line of the bin/tomopy file to match yours.

After the installation you will be prompted to:

$ source /Users/userid/

This enable the autocompletition of all tomopy recon options. Just press tab after:

$ tomopy recon --<TAB> <TAB>

to select an optional parameter and show its default value.


in some systems you are required to set as executable with:

$ chmod +x /Users/userid/


To installat tomopy-cli under Windows watch this video.


tomopy-cli is constantly updated to include new features. To update your locally installed version:

$ cd tomopy-cli
$ git pull
$ python install


Install tomopy

$ conda install -c conda-forge tomopy

install meta

$ git clone
$ cd meta
$ python setup install meta

Optionally, dxchange may be needed for file I/O:

$ conda install -c conda-forge dxchange